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Use This Winning Strategy For Your Fitness Success!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020


For me, training is a much different venture than it was 30 years ago! Sometimes it reminds me of Mr. Toads Wild Ride at Disneyland. My initial plan has me heading one way, then I face an obstacle and need to move in a different direction!

What is important is I have accepted the challenge of being physically fit while living with MS. In accepting this challenge, it is essential to access all the information I have to swiftly respond to the data that will assist in pointing out to me why I feel like I'm facing an obstacle, to stay on target with the health and fitness goals I have for myself!

To stay on track with your fitness program it is necessary to have data!

To assist people in creating sustainable results, I work with a process I call, “The Path of a Champion”

The Path of a Champion looks like this: Act. Reflect. Adjust. Act Again

To Reflect, Adjust, and Act Again we need information!

Whether your writing down what you are doing or using technology, (like the data from the image from the Garmin/Strava combo I use) to track your efforts, what’s key is that you are tracking and monitoring your workouts.

You do not want to underdo your efforts and you do not want to overdo them either. By tracking, reflecting, and adjusting your efforts you will be setting yourself up for success while gaining a greater understanding of how YOU are indeed a proactive force in your health and wellbeing!


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