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Building Mental Fitness In Challenging Times!

Updated: May 20, 2021

These are challenging times….to say the least! When faced with change and continued uncertainty being resilient will help you keep your cool and adapt to these crazy times.

A major component of being resilient is choice.

1. Knowing you have choices.

2. Knowing when and how to access those choices.

Now you might be thinking, “I’m facing life-changing circumstances here and I don’t have time for your academic behavior mumbo jumbo.”

I will cut the mumbo and the jumbo and get straight to what can help.

Here are four steps you can use to activate your resilience.

1. Acknowledge what is in your control. Write them down, put them in a gratitude journal, and talk about your blessing more than your problems, (or at least start with giving each equal time 😊.)

2. Do your best to focus, (or mindfully return your focus) to what you can control. This is where your strength is hanging out, ready for you to draw from whenever you choose.

The “mindful returns” to what you can control, (there are a lot of distractions out there after all!) is the practice of returning your attention to what is under your control after a distraction (squirrel!) has pulled it away.

3. Practice - Practice - Practice. The more you practice returning to what you can control, the more you will find yourself arriving there as your initial response when you encounter the unexpected. How cool is that!? This is neuroplasticity at work!

4. Act on what you can control. The more you act on what you can control, the more self-efficacy you will build. Self-efficacy is a fancy term for believing you can affect change in your life!

The Winning Combination: Resilience AND Acceptance

It is not wise or safe to ignore the challenges you are facing. Venting your emotions is healthy. Making camp in them is not. Being angry, disturbed, and complaining is not productive over time. These behaviors steal your power and strip your confidence to have control in your life.

Acting from what you can control, even taking small actions is productive! These actions will bolster your confidence, knock back your stress, and strengthen your resilient self.


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