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Use these three questions to help your hone your focus and thrive through uncertain times!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

During this woefully wacky time, we are called to be adaptive and resilient. Meeting moments packed with uncertainty is challenging to say the least! Looking at the skills and qualities of those who thrive through pressure is a practice that has offered me the answers I was looking for to help me meet and move beyond challenges that initially felt insurmountable.

A quality of high achievers that shows up, again and again, is their ability to FOCUS!

“Where your focus goes, energy flows.”


1. What am I really trying to achieve here?

This question will help you move your internal dialogue that might sound like, “I really should do this” to purposeful and powerful actions that sounds more like, “I’m doing this in order to live the life I desire for myself!” Your declaration for YOURSELF will motivate you much more than any “should” ever will…especially overtime!

2. What part of this situation is under my control?

This question will help you jettison excuses, move past resistance, and place you in action creating the outcomes you desire!

3. Does this action align with what I want to achieve and experience?

“Squirrel!” We all get distracted. Immediate pleasures create quite a pull for our attention, as does the craziness of these uncertain times. Fear not. This question will help to hone your focus and get your back on track with what you have declared as important to YOU!

Allow your focus to pull you in the direction you desire.

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