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Use these 4 Steps to Guide You in Creating Your Successful 2020!

There’s a lot of excitement that accompanies a new year. The hopeful energy of a renewed start is refreshing. Shaking off the old year and beginning a new, feels full of optimism and potential.

But dang, research shows that the excitement about new year’s resolutions, intentions and goals fizzle by February. But it’s not all grim. There’s hope, it’s just about how you set up how your approach your goals.

Don’t fizzle by February, look to nature to guide your way!

I often share an insightful 4-Step garden metaphor with my clients that help them stay on track with creating what they desire.

Agricultural metaphors have been incredible teaching guides for thousands of years! Let’s look at what a garden can teach us about nurturing a bountiful life!

4 Vital Components for a Bountiful Garden: Seeding, Watering, Weeding, and Trusting

1. Seeding

What seeds are you planting for 2020? What would like to “bring forth” in the garden called your life? Examples of variations of seeds include, an exercise program, healthy diet, productive habits, positive/growth mindset, learning something new, or a new work venture. And there is quality of life seeds such as, love, joy, peace, and happiness.

2. Watering

We all know what will happen if you plant seeds and rarely or ever return to them care for them. It wouldn’t be sound thinking to blame the lack of a bountiful garden on tough luck, after it wasn’t tended too. The same holds true with the seeds you plant for your new year. Resolutions, intentions and grand ideas are seeds. It’s your TIME and ATTENTION that is necessary to create a beautiful garden!

When you think about what seeds you are planting for 2020, have you thought about how you plan to “water” them? In other words, have you thought about the time and attention you’ll give your seeds, daily, weekly and monthly? If you haven’t, NOW is a great time to think about your watering program!

3. Weeding

“Weeds” are those things that get in the way of the intended growth?

It’s human nature for “weeds” such as, self-doubt, lack of confidence, fear, uncertainty, and caring about what other people think to spring up in your garden.

HOW you handle the “weeds” is what’s important! If, for example, the weeds of fear aren’t addressed , they will eventually smother out the intended new growth. A strong weed abatement program involves courage, resolve and a willingness to ask for help when needed.

4. Trusting

With a well-orchestrated process, trust is involved! You can't go out to your garden every day and pull up the seeds and see what's happening. In our drive through, smart phone culture we get used to instant results. A process-oriented venture takes time, so it’s important to tend to a mind that might be uncomfortable with patience and trust. The mind loves certainty so it’s important to remind yourself about the steps you are taking in the process, and the prize you’re working toward.

The garden metaphor is also a fantastic guide to look to when something isn’t going as you’d like. For example, when your honest with yourself, and reflect that a desired aspect of your life hasn’t been given your time and attention, it becomes clear as to why it’s not flourishing. Having awareness of these 4-steps, you can take responsibility to “water” this area more with you time and attention.

Keeping this 4-step garden metaphor in mind will assist you clearly seeing what’s necessary to nurture the 2020 you desire.

What step, seeding, watering, weeding and trusting speaks to you the most? How will you tend to this area in 2020 to assist you in staying on track with what you care to have and experience?

Wishing you and yours a fruitful New Year!

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