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Take a BITE out of holiday stress

Enjoy the Spirit of the holidays!

Take a BITE out of holiday stress by putting these 4 proactive practices to work for you.

1. BOUNDARIES- Clarify what you’re willing to give with your time, energy, and finances this holiday season. Write them down if that helps you. Having clear boundaries for yourself will help you enjoy what you are giving! Without clear boundaries you can feel drained by all the thing you feel you should be doing or feeling.

2. INTENTIONS- Know what you enjoy about the holidays. With clear intentions on what you want you can then proactively get after making them happen!

3. TRIGGERS- When you know something, or someone really affects you in a less than positive way you can become a mindful observer of the action with a more detached, “that’s fascinating” response to the action or behavior. If this mindful practice feels like a stretch, exercise self-care and limit your exposure to what doesn’t bring you happiness.

4. EXPECTATIONS- Identify what your expectations are. When you know your expectations you’re in a place to manage them. If you don’t name your expectations, they are in a place to manage you if things don’t go as subconsciously planned. Remember, people aren’t mind readers. When you graciously communicate your needs and have an open ear and heart to hear others desires you’re setting yourself up for jolly success. When people feel validated, witness and heard, the Spirit of the holidays are more likely to be enjoyed by all.

Here’s to taking a hardy BITE out of holiday stress and experiencing peaceful good cheer!

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