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Peak Performance Is More Than A Mental And Physical Game!

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

The Gospel according to Nike says, “Just do it.” Clichés like this can offer a kick in the pants when needed to get you moving on goals that you feel competent in achieving. That being said, it’s important to understand that simply motivational quotes like this don’t, (and aren’t meant to) tell the whole story on how to achieve and sustain your desired outcomes.

To harness your greatest potential, it’s important to look at HOW you take on endeavors.

Much of the thinking and talking about peak performance centers around mental and physical ability. In other words, peak performance is generally viewed as how successfully one can push their mental and physical abilities over time. While these are important qualities, they don’t cover the whole story. Only driving yourself physically and mentally suggests a method for achieving goals that doesn’t access your full potential, nor is it sustainable or even realistic overtime.

To access your full potential, it’s important to applying yourself to more than just you mental and physical self.

A Holistic Perspective


A sound body that has the energy and strength needed for your pursuits. In part, this is cultivated by appropriately stressing the body, (exercising at a level prescribe for you), sound nutrition and hydration and recovery, (rest!).


A sound mind that has the energy and skills needed to perform the tasks necessary to achieve what’s desired. A positive/growth mindset has a perspective that setbacks or "failures" are an opportunity for growth instead of viewing them a personal and consistent flaws.


The ability to recognize your own, and other people's emotions, to discern between different feelings and label them properly, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.


A sense of belonging. Actively participating in community. An attitude for both giving and receiving help.


A strong purpose; your “why” that makes what you do meaningful and beneficial to you and the world! It encompasses a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. It’s a universal experience that touches all of us.

It’s important to understand that all these aspects are a work in progress!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor do you move into more of your potential overnight…..ok, or even a week or a month. In the process of application, we grow and evolve into more of what we are capable of being and achieving!

By applying yourself to all 5 aspects of this holistic model you step into creating greater possibilities for yourself and the world!

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