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Access more of your personal power: Move "try" into measurable action.

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The words you use to animate your life with move out into the living of your life.

Let's look at how we use the word, "try."

If or when you find yourself saying, “I’m trying” or “I’ll try” become aware of what you just thought or said. Then ask yourself, “to what degree am I actually doing

something?” Often the word “try” is use when, 1. You’re just thinking about going after something, or 2. You’re somewhat invested in something, but not taking 100% responsibility to getting it done, or 3. Consciously or subconsciously using the word “try” to soften your approach and give you an out if you don’t follow through on what you’re wanting to achieve.

When “try” is used unmindfully it can diminish your power to create what you desire. Let’s face it, going after something 100% involves risk. Risk can be scary, so again, consciously or unconsciously, softening the language around the commitment to being invested can feel like a good approach. Heck if you fail, you were only “trying.” The problem with that strategy is a soften approach creates a soften, even a non-existent result!

Set yourself up for success!

1. Breakdown your actions towards what you want into small actionable pieces.

2. Savor your successes. Celebrate even the smallest of successful actions you’ve made towards your goal.

3. Stay connected to WHY you want to achieve your goal. I often say, “you’ve got to want it more than you’re afraid of it.” Your “whys” help fuel your actions.

4. Be kind to yourself. You’re not perfect and neither is anyone else. If/when you lose momentum, slip up, or need to reboot your motivation, simply and gently say to yourself, “next time I’ll ___________.” This practice will help you build compassionate resiliency.

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