For people living with MS who desire to gather together, learn, and apply strategies to Thrive by!

With Maureen Manley, MA

Zoom Platform

During this thought-provoking and engaging training, you’ll explore a whole person approach to fostering your overall health and wellbeing while living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Maureen will provide you with realistic understandings and supply you with practical skills to assist you in moving forward with an integrated, health-promoting, and empowered approach to life!


You’ll learn:
• How to honor and work with yourself as a whole person: Physically, Mentally, Emotional and Spiritually
• How to motivate yourself through desire rather than fear
• Techniques to manage stress and redirect your energy productively
• What drives human behavior, and how to work with your own to make life-enhancing choices
• How to move through obstacles and stay on track with what you desire

• Vital information on exercise and nutrition

Join a community of individuals who desire to learn, grow, and support one another!

Maureen has a wonderful way of making scientific research she draws from come to life in realistic and practical ways.  People who have had the pleasure of attending this course come away with exclamations such as

"life-changing," “empowering,” “paradigm-shifting,” “thought-provoking,” insightful,” and “fun.” Many reflect their excitement with a newfound confidence in having so many new understandings and skills they can put into action right way!

This amazing value pack webinar is $120. 
(Don't let cost stop you!  Contact Maureen about available sliding fees.)
Space is limited 
After you register you'll receive: 
  • Access to our Private "Build Your Resilience Edge" Facebook Page
  • A link to the Zoom Webinar Platform where you'll find recorded sessions and group engagement!


"For the first time since COVID-19 hit, I feel in control with a clear path to where I want to be.  Mo understands the whole person, and more importantly how to help identify what will work for me. I’ve been gathering information for years, it wasn’t until I did the work here that I implemented actions that had a tremendous impact on my life. I went from depressed in bed for three days at a time to starting each day with a 30-minute walk.  I knew this would be beneficial since March, so why didn’t I get it done?  What I thought was exercise turned out to have an extreme impact on my mental health. Not only was it worth every penny, I’m signing up again, I have more to explore."


"Maureen is a mountain of knowledge!  Every time I hear her speak, she gives me so much to think about. Her style is fun and full of anecdotes that make me feel inspired.

There is a lot of information out there about resilience and how to handle life challenges, but Maureen does the research and prioritizes the important things.  She gently breaks it down so that it is accessible and meaningful.  She then gives me the insight, tools, and confidence to take my next steps."


"Maureen is energetic, intelligent, encouraging, and compassionate! A great teacher who has developed this terrific program! I've taken her courses and attended her seminars for years now! She also involves those that are taking them. Maureen’s program has given me guidance to realize what I want in my life, skills to persevere in doing these things and the confidence to have the strength to handle obstacles that may come during this of my life's path!"


"Maureen’s story is really eye-opening and I’m sure her teachings would stay with me and greatly enrich both my professional and personal life.

Looking forward to similar enriching activities in the future. Needless to say -  this was time well spent."