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The story that's inspired thousands...

Told by the woman who lives it!

Maureen's Presentation Topics Include










To put it politely, STUFF HAPPENS. An absolutely vital component to achieving a satisfying, productive life – personally, athletically and professionally – is to develop an understanding of how to maneuver through the challenges you face. In this presentation, you’ll learn:

• How our behavior follows our most dominant thoughts – positive and negative

• Ways to avoid being dragged down by problems we inevitably encounter

• To embrace the fact that we do not need to have control over everything in our lives in order to be a powerful, creative force

• The difference between coping and thriving

• How to develop a “yes AND” approach to life, instead of a “yes, BUT” one People who have had the pleasure of attending this presentation come away with exclamations such as “empowering,” “paradigm shifting,” “thought provoking,” insightful,” and “fun.” It’s filled with practical lessons that have universal appeal and applicability, because we all encounter hard times. What makes this talk so invigorating is the way Maureen draws from her own deeply compelling experience with confronting and subsequently learning to thrive while facing a chronic illness. People draw inspiration, understanding and personal awareness from her, in a way that is profoundly affecting.



Identifying and overcoming barriers that keep you from achieving your full potential.


Sometimes, even when we think we’ve identified what we want, we jump to the conclusion that it can’t be done. Lack of objectivity and of the ability to see beyond barriers holds you back from being successful. This presentation will help you:

• Learn to identify the known and previously unknown roadblocks between you and what you want to achieve

• Challenge your beliefs and assumptions

• Develop a radical curiosity about what you can achieve in terms of shaping your future

• Replace bad habits with powerful, productive behaviors

• Learn to jettison limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful ideas that help you achieve your goals

• Learn the practices that breed success Maureen illuminates the unseen as well as the apparent obstacles to personal progress. With a combination of research, personal insights and stories told with enthusiasm and humor, Maureen shows how to “expand the possible” and learn the positive, productive, creative practices that feed success and help you move from the ordinary to the extraordinary in shaping your future.



An integrated approach.


We all know that, to proceed most effectively, we should use all the resources at our disposal. It doesn’t make sense to ride a bike using only one gear when we have many to work with. Yet many of us do the equivalent when trying to improve our personal performance. We either don’t recognize or underutilize the resources available to us. This thought-provoking presentation helps you:

• Learn how to effectively navigate the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical terrain called YOU.

• Gain a strong understanding of what drives human behavior

• Identify what pulls you forward and what repels or paralyzes you Why do we do the things we do? It’s a simple question with complex answers. The fact is, most of us regularly engage in behavior that is counter-productive and at odds with achieving our goals. In this presentation, Maureen highlights information gathered from recent research into human behavior, and shows how these insights can be used to expand personal potential. Attendees will explore what drives them to unlock greater possibilities. They’ll discover how to modify their behavior to achieve what they really want. And they’re given the tools to accomplish their goals.



Replacing excuses with action.


We all harbor ambitions, hopes and desires, and yet, so often, we fail to act on them. Sometimes we’re afraid of failure. Other times we lack resolve. What is that something special that certain people have? What compels them forward, to do what it takes to achieve their goals, regardless of how lofty? Maureen calls this something special the champion mindset, and in this presentation she shows:

• The scientific research on the behavioral characteristics that distinguish successful people

• The mistake of waiting for motivation

• How to stop making excuses and start making progress

• How to quickly overcome adversity and maintain a positive focus Maureen convincingly makes the case that riding in wake of every ambitious goal is a long list of “yes, buts,” “what ifs,” and “if onlys.” She argues that, most often, these are the main killers of ambition – not a person’s inherent intelligence, initial abilities or financial status. Instead, what’s needed is action. By initiating action, we’re soon presented with at least a small degree of success, which encourages more action and more success. Taking action allows us to discover motivation. Motivation is waiting in the process, not before it.



A holistic approach to creating greater health and peace of mind.


We all have the desire to be healthy and happy. What are often elusive are the realistic and practical understandings concerning how to achieve and sustain this. In this thought provoking and enlightening presentation, Maureen sheds light on the understandings and practices concerning how to harness the best of ALL OF YOU in order to be a creative force in your health and well-being. You’ll be delighted to learn:

• How to honor and work with yourself as a whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

• How to motivate yourself though desire rather than fear

• Techniques to manage stress and redirect your energy productively

• What drives human behavior, and how to work with your own to make life enhancing choices

• How to move through obstacles and stay on track with what you desire In the stories she shares, Maureen has a wonderful way of making the scientific research she draws from come to life in realistic and practical ways. People who have experienced this empowering and dynamic presentation reflect their excitement with new found confidence in having so many new understandings and skills they can put into action right way!

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