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Maureen’s determination and resilience first came to international attention as a world-class cyclist.  She had no preconceived limits on what she could accomplish as a member of the US Cycling Team.  She won a National Championship, set a national record, earned a silver and bronze medal at the national level.  She won a silver medal in the World Championships and had her eye on the 1992 Olympics.


 At the height of her cycling career, her dreams came to an abrupt halt. While racing in the Tour de France, her vision blurred and she crashed – she learned it was a result of the onset of multiple sclerosis. The headlines read, “Manley’s Olympic dream is dashed.”  The journey down one road ended.  Another began.  A journey filled with compelling life lessons that strengthened her understanding and belief in the power of the human spirit.

The courage, determination and resourcefulness that had fueled her amazing athleticism became instrumental in her healing process.  She did not let her physical setback stop her from living the life she desired. She began to understand and develop effective ways to deepening and broadening her knowledge and application of holistic high-performance strategies that would help produce the outcomes she desired.  Maureen has been able to return to her cherished sport of cycling– a testament to the practical effectiveness of her methods. 

Her journey led her to become a creative force.  Maureen’s passion for excellence and her authentically captivating presence have led her to inspire and empower audiences from coast to coast. She has the ability to deliver material that motivates, educates, inspires and entertains. Her energy, insight and great sense of humor create a massive impact whenever she is on stage.  


Find the answers you've been seeking and apply them immediately

Dramatically increase your clarity, focus and power

Restore hope and believe in yourself

Learn techniques to manage stress and redirect your energy productively

Move beyond coping into thriving


Develop an understanding of how to maneuver through the challenges you face


Challenge your beliefs and assumptions



Maureen led a workshop for my leadership team, focused on the physiological and psychological aspects of “Performance under Pressure”.  The workshop was very well received by my management and director team. I would highly recommend Maureen’s services and in particular the workshop she presented for us. The feedback ranged from “inspiring” to “insightful” and “practically very useful”. My team is demanding follow-up workshops on related topics! I also plan to put my entire team of Ics through the same Performance Under Pressure workshop in the near future too.

~Mark McDiarmid-T-Mobile, VP, Radio Network Engineering and Development

"Maureen's presentation to our professional women's organization was flawless! When Maureen began speaking the guests were interested - by the time she was finished the room was riveted. Maureen's presentation resonated with every person listening in some way. Often speakers will inspire but Maureen went further and gave us the skills and tools necessary to make changes in our lives. Attendees used words such as 'fabulous', 'captivating', and 'awesome' when describing her presentation. I highly recommend Maureen Manley, MA as a speaker for a professional organization or business."

~ Elizabeth Tackett,

President of Eastside Women In Business

Dear Maureen,

All of the attendees I spoke with commented on how much your presentation "touched" them, gave them chills, brought them to tears...You did very good work on a large scale!! Even the other speakers had very complimentary things to say about you and Dr. Cohen was especially impressed and motivated by you! We all were!!THANK YOU so much for sharing your story, your experience, your guidance and your soul with us. We are all the richer for having had you as our speaker. 

~ Leslie Tarlow, Cedar Sinai Medical Center

"Wow! Maureen spoke at our Chamber Luncheon Event. We had 75 business leaders from our community and it was a huge success. With the topic: Expand the Possible to Achieve Your Extraordinary, Maureen had everyone completely engaged and inspired. We received more compliments than ever and the entire room was filled with energy. We are very grateful for Maureen’s presentation and would highly recommend her as a speaker for your next event.

-Brittany Caldwell, Executive Director at Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce

"From the very first time I heard her speak, it was bigger than Oprah's biggest "ah-ha" moment for me."

~ Laura Justice

"She conveys insight, knowledge and functional information to the audience, that they can take away and use to improve their lives." 

~ Greg Clopton, Teva Neuroscience

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